Xerotype : the name explains it all!

[09 - 04 - 98]

Xero - Type informational:

Update will be coming soon with lots more fonts for all. Fonts will also be available for Mac users in the middle of this month. ::: Lounger font now available in PC TrueType Only (sorry Macsters)! :::

This is the small news section for each month... note that this will change very soon.

Five new typefaces:

  • Mardi Gross [NEW]
  • Electamine [NEW]
  • Stipeta [NEW]
  • dob [NEW]
  • Lounger [NEW]
  • There will be a small site update to help with the font navigability. This is due to the increasing number of typefaces we have added or will add.

    Also considering some site additions including an info page, news page, contacts page, and a links page.

    That is all... enjoy the fonts!

    c r c h

    ** all fonts are in True Type format **
    Activate font Activate
    Dearcycle font Dearcycle
    Galaxia font Galaxia
    I Hate You font I Hate You
    Manilla font Manilla
    Monstered font Monstered
    Phrosheen font Phrosheen
    Sorvid font Sorvid
    Victim font Victim
    Watson font Watson
    Xaficue font Xaficule
    zapped font Zapped

    (x) 1998 Xerotype in association with a r t i s t i c a